Rental Agreement And Release Of Liability

The Arch Rock Cottage
111 Bonamy Lane, Dalhousie, NB, Canada

Name of Guest: _______________________________________________________________




Rental Fee: $__(filled in by owner)__ Rental Start Date: ____(filled in by owner)_______

Security Deposit:

$__(filled in by owner)__

Rental End Date:

____(filled in by owner)_______

This Agreement made between Guy Mott, of Harvard, Massachusetts, USA, Owner of the Arch Rock Cottage, and the above named Guest.

In consideration for the Rental Fee, the mutual covenants contained in this Agreement and for other good consideration, the Owner and the Guest covenant and agree with each other as follows:

  1. The Owner shall provide the use and occupancy of the premises to the Guest for the stipulated Rental Period.

  2. The Owner shall refund the security deposit at the end of the Rental Period to the Guest, deduction made for costs of damage to the premises or missing items, if any.

  3. The Guest agrees and covenants to take reasonable care of the premises, but the Guest shall not be responsible for normal "wear and tear" and neither shall the Guest be responsible for normal and expected maintenance.

  4. Upon termination of the Rental Period, the Guest shall surrender the premises. Any unlawful activity on the premises by the Guest or any serious or substantial damage to the premises caused by the Guest at any time during the Rental Period, shall constitute legitimate grounds for the Owner to rescind and revoke the tenancy and evict the Guest from the premises.

  5. The Guest is hereby made aware that the cliffs surrounding a portion of the premises constitute an inherent danger and a "natural hazard" to occupants of the premises. The Guest agrees and covenants to advise and alarm the members of his family and invited friends regarding this serious danger, and consequently the Guest shall take responsibility toward their protection and safety.

  6. The Guest acknowledges that the premises has an unfenced cliff that borders the ocean shoreline and the eventual risk that a person could fall over the cliff and possible drowning or injury along the shoreline; and the Guest agrees and covenants that the Owner and his agents shall not be liable, nor responsible, for any injuries or fatalities resulting therefrom. With regards to this "natural hazard", the Guest shall assume responsibility for his safety and that of his family and guests while residing on the premises and agrees to hold the Owner and his agents blameless and free from liability therefor.

Date: ____________________ Guest Signature: ___________________________________


__(filled in by owner)___

Owner/or his agent:

_______(filled in by owner)_____________