A r c h   R o c k   C o t t a g e

Trail Outings

Around the Arch Rock Cottage and Dalhousie there are various trails for hiking and walking. Here are some pointers to get started. Many of these are sections of the NB Trail. Note: Some of these trails also have equestrian, ATV, or mountain bike traffic.
  • Walk from the cottage to a trail off Goderich St. that goes onto the upper Stewart farm and towards Stewart Mountain. Directions: Go out Bonamy Lane from the cottage and turn left onto Goderich St. Go a few hundred meters and turn left off the road onto the trail opposite where Allain and King streets are.

  • Go east off Renfrew St. to this lookout platform on Stewart Mountain:
    Directions: Go out Bonamy Lane, turn left onto Goderich St. and go to the traffic light. Turn left onto Renfrew St. and go a few hundred meters to Birch Grove St. on the left. You can park at the beginning of the street next to the utility building. Walk up Birch Grove St. and bear right up the trail. The lookout platform is a few hundred meters ahead. The trail continues beyond the platform and is worth exploring.

  • See the Dalhousie Mountain Outing.

  • Boardwalk on Miller St.: The NB Trail travels on a boardwalk by the beach. To get there go from the cottage towards route 11 and bear left onto route 134 towards the Eel River Bar and Charlo. Turn left onto Miller St. and pick up the trail where it crosses the street about half way to the ocean.

  • There is a network of trails around Mont St. Joseph

  • Bike path in Charlo: This section of the NB Trail in Charlo is a great bike path according to cottage visitors Al & Laurie.
    Directions: From the cottage go towards route 11 and bear left onto route 134 towards Charlo. As you go east through Charlo, watch for the spot where the railroad tracks cross route 134. At that point you can either park and travel west along the trail next to the tracks, or you can bear left onto the side road, go down about 1/2 km, then park and travel east on the trail.

Sentier NB Trail

The NB Trail is a network of trails in New Brunswick that is currently being constructed

Check out the NB Trail website, or call 800-526-7070 or 506-459-1931 for more information. Here's the web page for the NB Trail in Restigouche County.

International Appalachian Trail

The International Appalachian Trail begins at Springer Mountain, Georgia and extends to its original terminus at Mt. Katahdin in Maine, then beyond and across the border to the end of the Gaspé Peninsula where the Appalachian Mountain range sinks into the Atlantic Ocean.

The International Appalachian Trail can be picked up at points in New Brunswick, including Mt. Carleton, or on the Gaspé Peninsula across the river from Campbellton.

On the Gaspé Peninsula, there are resident herds of Caribou. Also, Mount Albert which was missed by the ice age has the same type of plants and tundra as northern Canada. Here's an interesting article about the IAT.

Mt. Carleton

Mt. Carleton is New Brunswick's highest point. In addition to many kilometers of hiking trails, Mt. Carleton Provincial Park has opportunities for camping, biking, canoeing, swimming, etc.