A r c h   R o c k   C o t t a g e

Cottage Information

Shoreline and Beach Access

The shoreline in front of the cottage is a rocky beach - it's possible but not very practical to swim there. There is a sand swimming beach at Inch Arran Park about 300 meters away. There is no fee for using the Inch Arran beach and it is unsupervised (no life guards).

At low tide you can walk the shoreline both directions from the cottage. At high tide the shoreline is under water.

Use one of these methods to reach the shore from the cottage:
  1. Through yard: Go to the left (east) out the front door, cross the yard and go through the gate by the garden, then across the field to the low bank and the beach (about 200 meters).

  2. Stair: Go to the right (west) out the front door and into the field on the other side of the lane. Walk about 150 meters or so and watch on your left for the top bannister of a metal stair case that leads down to the shore. Note that the field and the stair is Stewart Farm private property that the Stewarts graciously allow us to use - please be respectful.

  3. Bank: This route should be used only by people in good physical condition and only in dry non-slippery conditions. Go to the right out the front door to the end of the lane just outside the fence line. There is a slight path that leads down onto the inclined bank and to the shore.
    • This is the shortest route to the shore but, again, please use caution.
    • Please do not use the bank by the Arch Rock - we would like to discourage people from climbing the bank there.

  4. By road: You can go to Inch Arran Park (about 300 meters).

Help Us Improve The Arch Rock Cottage

At the Arch Rock Cottage we promote a mutually supportive atmosphere. We want you to be happy with your stay, and we'd like you to help us make the Arch Rock Cottage experience as good as it can be. Please inform us of any questions, suggestions, requests or concerns.

If you find something that the cottage needs then buy it and send us the receipt or receipts (up to $100 per week), we'll pay you back plus $5 for postage etc. If it's more than $100, either ask your contact person in Dalhousie, or call Ian at 250-537-6320.

Things that have been added to the cottage this way include:

• Cedar Adirondack chairs (thanks to Al & Laurie)
• Coat rack
• Iron and ironing board
• Boom box radio CD stereo
• Vase  
• Fans in each room

Kitchen supplies including:
• Plastic dishes for children
• Spice rack and spices
• Lobster eating utensils
• Serving trays
• Citrus juicer
• Supplies such as sugar, coffee, mustard, ketchup, etc.


A person can never really own a place like the cottage - one can only be fortunate enough to be its steward for a time. If I am a good steward then I will help many people to get much enjoyment from the place, and I will ensure that it is maintained and improved.

I don't rent the cottage for income - it would be a losing proposition if I did. My motivation for renting the cottage is (1) to give people a chance to enjoy it, and (2) provide cash flow to help pay for expenses, repairs and upkeep.

At the very least I hope that you, my guests, experience the cottage the way that family and friends have experienced it for decades - as one of the most enjoyable places that you can spend time. I also hope that you will value the cottage and its locale, care for it, and plan to come back.

Guy Mott

I have been blessed by the help of many good people in renovating, maintaining and managing the cottage. Thanks to Lise, Marie, Robert, my father Gordon who grew up at the cottage, my buddy Dave, brothers Dave, Ian and Dug. Thanks to Gilles, Roger, Bud & Eva, Ernie, and many others in the cottage family.