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Dalhousie Mountain Outing

Dalhousie Mountain is just a couple of kilometers from the Arch Rock Cottage and the views from the top are spectacular vistas over water, hills, trees and north shore villages. From Dalhousie's French High School there is a moderate hike to the top of the mountain.

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This woods road through conifer trees and birch groves leads to the top of Dalhousie Mtn.

As you approach the top of the mountain, there are wide views to the south including this one down over the Eel River Bar.

Looking west up the Restigouche River Valley from the end of the trail on the west side of Dalhousie Mtn.

North across the Bay de Chaleur to the south shore of Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula.

Directions: Dalhousie Mtn. is close enough to the Arch Rock Cottage that you can bike, jog or walk to it if you choose. Driving directions are given here.

Go out Bonamy Lane and turn left onto Goderich St. then drive approximately 1 km to the traffic light at Renfrew St. Go straight ahead through the traffic light to stay on Goderich St., bypassing the entrance on the left to the English High School, and continuing about 1 km to the French High School. Bear left and park on the left side of the parking lot.

The Walk up Dalhousie Mtn: Look ahead on the left side of the French High school for a woods road with a "Sentier NB Trail" sign near the entrance. Walk up the woods road about 300 meters to the fork at the power lines. Bear left and continue climbing the woods road through white birch and conifer trees to the hill top. Along the ridge to the left there are good views to the south towards the Eel River Bar, the Bay de Chaleur, and inland New Brunswick. Be sure that you continue over the top a few hundred meters to the lookout on the west side. There are great views north over the Bay de Chaleur to the Gaspé Peninsula and west up the Restigouche River Valley.

Note that the trail continues from here, down and to the left. I am told that the trail splits and you can go back around the mountain to the left or towards the town to the right.

Round trip walking distance from the French High School to the viewing area is approximately 2 km.

Route from the Arch Rock Cottage to Dalhousie Mtn.

With thanks to Ken for the temporary use of his photos.