A r c h   R o c k   C o t t a g e

Unfenced Cliff

The Arch Rock Cottage has an unfenced cliff.

Along the ocean-front edge of the cottage yard is a cliff that drops approximately 6 meters (20 feet) down to the shore. There is no fence along the cliff except for a decorative rope fence in some spots.

Visitors to the Arch Rock Cottage must take care for their own safety and the safety of their children, family and guests.

We ask you to sign a Release of Liability acknowledging the risk and taking responsibility for your own safety. There is more information on the Policies page.

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Looking up at the cottage from the beach. The front of the cottage is close to the cliff's edge.

The cottage is visible through the trees above the Arch Rock. The cliff behind the Arch Rock is at the yard's edge.

Here you can see the scale of the cliff at the yard's edge.