A r c h   R o c k   C o t t a g e

Special Circumstances and Deals

Late Spring Affordability

June is a wonderful time at the cottage with bright days, comfortable weather and lush late spring foliage. Since the longest days of the year are in June, the cottage has daylight for almost a full 19 hours each day. The evening sun arcs to the north west down over the village of Dalhousie as the evening twilight fades 'til almost 11:00 PM. And early June falls into the off-season so the rates are lower.

Book any week up to the week ending June 24, 2006 for $550.

Christmas At The Cottage

The cottage is a fully insulated year-round residence with oil furnace heat. It is comfortable and cozy during the winter and a great place to spend Christmas or school vacations. Book the winter holidays early to avoid losing this popular time at the Arch Rock Cottage.